— FAQs —

What do I wear?
Come to your treatment wearing comfy clothes that are easy to get on and off, your therapist will only expose parts of the body that they are working on and the rest of the time you will remain covered!
Do I have to get naked?
No! Bottom undergarments must remain on at all times, even if your therapist needs to work on your glutes they will do this over your underwear.
What do I do during a treatment?
Make yourself comfortable, after all it is your massage! Your therapist will adjust you accordingly if they need to change your position but if you need to move during the massage to make yourself comfortable then please do so
What's the difference a futon and couch based massage?
A couch massage is a flat table where you lie in a face down or face up position and is used for Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. A futon is a effectively a comfy mattress on a floor and is used for our Pregnancy and Postnatal treatments to ensure maximum comfort.
What PPE is in place?
Your therapist will be wearing full PPE gear including a mask, face shield and apron. There is hand sanitiser available to use at all times and a rigorous cleaning schedule in place.
Do I have to listen to pan pipes?
No! Our therapists use a range of different genres during massage, but if don't like the music that is on or if it is too quiet or loud then ask to change it, we won't be offended!
How often should I get a massage?
This is totally up to you, you know your body better than anyone. As a rule of thumb it is better to maintain feeling good rather than trying to restore damage due to stress or over-use, getting into the practice of getting a massage every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of things is ideal
Can I talk during my massage?
This one is completely up to you, but please don't feel you have to talk. If you do have any questions during your treatment then ask your therapist. Here at Bath Holistic Massage we pride ourselves on being intuitive when it comes to our treatments and any feedback is always welcome
Do I have to wear my facemask?
Yes, your facemask has to remain on at all times upon entry into the building to comply with all PPE rules and procedures.

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