Booked in for the 2 hour ‘Partner Session’ in Sep 2016 and it was absolutely brilliant. Sophia was lovely, calming, reassuring and carefully guided my husband through different massage techniques to help me through labour. We spent time on relaxation techniques and labour positions too. It was thoroughly worth the time and money. Thank you 🙂

Laura B (Oct 2016)

I can’t recommend treating yourself to one of Sophias pregnancy massages enough! I’m 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with backache, and just the general tiredness of being pregnant, but the truly comforting massage I received from Sophia melted all my body stresses away. I was made to feel very comfortable, physically and mentally, from the moment our session began. My favourite part of the massage was from the beautiful gentle tummy stretches Sophia performs! Thank you so much for the relaxing experience.

Holly Walker (August 2015)

AMAZING massage from Sophie at Bath Holistic Massage today. Her healing hands stopped a migraine in it’s tracks, rescued my sore back & made me feel more relaxed than I have since my twins were born 18 months ago! Would highly highly recommend!

Libby Windle (July 2015)

Feeling very relaxed after a fabulous massage at home – thank you Sophie – and see you again soon!!

Amanda Kingscote (August 2015)

Hugely tense and painful back amazingly relieved by Sophia. So happy and super chilled right now

Emma Hayter (May 2014)

Had a fabulous pregnancy massage yesterday with the amazing Sophia….I floated through town afterwards! thank you!

Clare Jonik (May 2014)

I’ve been having really lovely pregnancy massages from Sophia, highly recommend. Helped keep all those aches and pains at bay! Thanks Sophia

Chloё Nicholls-Sames (April 2014)

I booked a massage with the lovely Bath Holistic Massage and I can’t praise the girl enough for what she’s done, I’m someone who finds it difficult to switch off, often operating at 100 miles an hour and it’s pretty impossible to shut down.

It was perfection, it was exactly what my body needed after all the training and work I’ve put in these last few months (Laura is owner of Bath Boutiques Pilates and professional bodybuilder).

We agreed I still needed more work because after all it’s years of built up tension as well and I’m still actively pushing myself towards new physical goals so getting on top of it is going to take some sessions.

We often maintain our cars better than we do our body which is bonkers when you think about it like that. I should know better as well being trained in Sports Therapy myself how important it is and I know a talented therapist when I stumble across one.

A good massage therapist will never force pressure into the muscle. They will continue to apply pressure until the muscle slowly pushes back against them. The muscle will then slowly being to release and allow the therapist to move along it. The pressure Sophie applied was intelligent, when used correctly it should not be painful, but should walk a fine line between pleasurable release of tension and a pain blocking response from the body (tensing up).

100% the best massage I’ve had in years!

Laura Thomas (June 2018)

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