Welcome to Bath Holistic Massage! Let us give you a little run through on what to expect when you come to visit us…

Before your Massage

You will be sent an email reminder and/or text message to remind you that your appointment is coming up! If you would like to rearrange then please let us know with 24 hours notice to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.

Arriving at Bath Holistic Massage

Please arrive promptly before your appointment and let us know if you are running late via text. Treatments are only available by appointment so please make sure you are booked in prior to arrival! For entry into the building please ring buzzer 2 and your massage therapist will let you into the treatment room which is located on the ground floor at 3 Chapel Row. Please allow up to 30 minutes to be added onto the length of your treatment to include time to dress/undress and your consultation.

Your Consultation

Now that you are with us take a seat whilst we run through your consultation form, this should take about 10-15 minutes. If you’ve booked online then you will have probably have completed most of the information that we need to know in order to proceed with your treatment but we will go over this in more detail now! Please check that you agree with our Privacy Policy upon completion as Bath Holistic Massage will be storing your private information.

Once we’ve ascertained what it is you need from your treatment we will run you through a treatment plan and let you know what we intend to work on!

Please ensure you are happy with the temperature of the room, volume of music and that you feel comfortable with your treatment plan, we are here to listen to anything you would like to tell us.

Getting ready for your treatment 

Your therapist will ask you to get undressed for your treatment and leave the room for this, please keep underwear on, bras may be removed. Once ready please either get on to the massage couch or futon dependent on your treatment type and get underneath the blankets provided.

Your treatment

Your therapist will knock and ask to enter the room, please let them enter when you are ready! Your treatment then will start… we do our best to ensure you are happy, comfortable and relaxed. Please do not feel afraid to talk if you would like to know what your therapist is doing, alternatively if you would just like to lie back and relax then there is no need to talk either!

At the end of your treatment

When your treatment has ended your therapist will let you know that they are leaving, please get up and dressed in your own time. There is no need to rush. Your therapist will then knock to re-enter the therapy room.

Your therapist will then give a run through of anything they encountered during the treatment and may give you exercises or advice for post-treatment.

Payment will then be take, please note we accept cash or card.


Once you have left please ensure that you  drink plenty of water and if you can take take some time for yourself then do so!

To ensure you benefit from your treatment it is best to follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours as massage is a detoxifying treatment
  • Drink plenty of water to help eliminate the toxins from your body
  • Eat lightly to assist detoxification
  • Rest!
  • Gentle exercise to assist with mobility

Are you ready for your next appointment?! If so then please book here!