Postnatal Massage

Caring for your baby postpartum and beyond is equally as important as looking after your body when you are expecting.

Post- natal Massage at Bath Pregnancy Massage can help with easing out tension and relieving aches to help you get back to ‘normal’ again. It can also be an opportunity to take time out simply to relax. While you enjoy the massage your new-born can lie next to you enabling you to enjoy this time together.

Here are some benefits of postnatal massage…

  • Time for you post birth
  • Relieves stress and promotes relaxation
  • Helps improve breastfeeding abilities by improving circulation throughout the body and the flow of milk by helping to increase a lactation hormone called prolactin
  • Relieves pain and soreness associated with giving birth and carrying a baby
  • Regulates post birth hormones
  • Helps with sleep patterns
  • Reduces swelling

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30 min postnatal massage


45 min postnatal massage


60 min postnatal massage


90 min postnatal massage


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