Birth Preparation Workshop

This popular session helps to prepare the Mother and Birth Partner for the arrival of the newborn. During this workshop we work on various massage techniques that can be used during labour and how to adjust these techniques in different positions and in varying circumstances as we know first hand that labour doesn’t always go the way you expect it to! We also work on various accupressure points that are helpful during labour, and can incorporate breathing techniques also if requested.

This session is particularly empowering for the Birth Partner as they can leave with the ability and knowledge to offer relief to the Mother during contractions and birth

  • Empowering the Birth Partner with new skills
  • Time to bond together
  • Learn important breathing techniques
  • Learn Massage Techniques
  • Find out about pressure points
  • How to support a mother during labour
  • Find out about different birthing positions
  • Learn a massage routine tailored for your individual needs

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2 hour Birth Preparation Session


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